Laser Cutting & Engraving Machine (Metal/non Metal)


Laser Cutting & Engraving Machine:

GS 2nd laser cutting & engraving machine adopts the DSP control technology,it does not have to be connected with computer to work. This machine characterized with automatic memory, automatic management, it is quicker, steadier, and more accurate.


Model                                    :GS+1390

Head Quantity                    : Single

Laser power                         :130W

Engraving size                     :1300*900mm

Engraving speed                 :72000mm/min.

Dimension                            :1930*1480*1000 mm

Engraving resolution         :0.025mm

Resetting accuracy 0.01   Image

Format                                  :AI,Plt,Cdr,Dxf Dst,Nc,Bmp,Jpg

Minimum Letter                 :English Letter: 1mm*1mm

Power supply                      :220V/50Hz

Gross Power                        :<1000W

Operating Temperature   :0C°~45C°

Special Features:

64 DSP high speed processor: GS 2nd laser cutting; engraving machine adopts 64 DSP high speed control system, which highly improved the data processing speed and stability.

  1. Optimization of Arc engraving: The laser machine uses the arc processing system, this technology can perfectly deal the curve and circular arc, which can cut the edge smoothly.
  2. Support of USB connection and U Disk: Our laser machine supports two kinds of connection patterns, the first way is the USB to connect the machine with computer directly, the second way is to adopt the U Disk independently, this way you can use only one computer to control many laser machines, which save your resource.

4. Storage function: Our controlling board includes the EMS memory that enables the user to store more than 100 files.