Digital Solvent Printer


Easy to operate, Perfect printing, Less maintenance, High speed printing, High Longevity

Model                                                   : KINGJET-KJ3208G

Head Quantity                                   : Four pcs

Head Type                                          :Konica Minolta 512i Industrial Head (Made in Japan)

Print Width                                        :125’’ inch

Print Length                                      :Unlimited

Printing Speed                                  :2pass-1290ft/hr, 3pass-970ft/hr, 4pass-646ft/hr, 6pass-323ft/hr


Ink                                                        :Solvent Ink (Y/M/C/K)

Media Type                                        :All kinds of flex banner, vinyl sticker, cloth banner, Inkject sticker or PP,Photo paper, One way vision, Clear Sticker,Reflective Sticker, Reflective Pvc,Canvas, 3D etc

Heating                                                :Intelligent heating system (Mid heating, Front heating with wind drying)

Max. Media Load                             :10.8 Feet

Print Port                                           :USB2.0

Rip Software                                      :PhotoPRINT 10.5 or Maintop V5.30

Computer System                             :Windows XP, Windows-7

Power                                                  :AC220V/4500W

Printer Body Size                              :17’ft-3.5’ft-5’ft

Weight                                                 :900kg